10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Computer Eye Strain

Reduce Computer Eye Strain

In the modern days, desktops and laptops are mostly used technical devices that play a great role in the personal and commercial purposes. Now doing commercial dealing and making the personal contacts have become easier and faster for these devices. With time the uses of these machines are increasing and today many of us spend the most of their time in front of these devices in a day. But if you don't follow some tips then you may face some eye problems due to a continuous strain for looking at the screen of the devices. There are some tips, suggested by the experts to make you understand how to stay away from the eye strain while using computer for an entire day.

1. Blink Often

You need to blink your eyes often while working on a computer. People need to blink their eyes frequently to keep their eyes away from drying. The air in the environment can make your eyes dry if you don't blink as much as you need. In most of the cases people blink less than normal when they work on the computer and this can be a cause of dry eyes. So keeping your eyes free from irritation and dryness you need to blink often. This can keep your eyes moisten.

2. Eye Exercise

You need to do a very easy exercise on your eyes to reduce the strain. People need to gaze at the objects that are at least 20 feet away from their eyes on every 20 minutes interval when working on the computer. Keeping eyes on the computer screen for a long time can make them strenuous. So, take a break after every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds by looking at something away from you. This easy process can keep your eyes functioning properly.

3. Computer Screen Setting

You should keep the computer screen adjustment comfortable to look at. You need to keep the font size large and the brightening of the computer should be according to your surroundings. Brighter screen than your surrounding area or less bright computer screen can give your eyes more stress. So, try to adjust the setting of the computer screen according to the surrounding light.

4. Advanced Screen

The technology is improving day by day and now you can use the monitor which is eye soothing. You can replace your old monitor with an upgraded one which is flat and perfect for reducing the eye strain. Liquid crystal display or LCD screens can give you a better result in reducing eye strain when working on a computer for a long time.

5. Anti-glare Screen

An anti-glare screen on your computer can reduce the eye strain by not allowing any reflection of the objects when you are working on the machine. If the reflection of the wall or other objects comes on the screen of the computer then you need to strain your eyes more. So, an anti-glare screen is better for your eyes than the old ones.

6. Change Your Working Pattern

If you are using the computer to type something from a hard-copy, then it is always better to fix it beside the computer screen. Your eyes need to be moved in the outer light and computer screen less in this working pattern. You should remember that if you follow a wrong posture when working the desktop you may face some vision syndrome. So, maintain the proper posture and avoid the computer eye strain as much as possible.

7. Computer Eye Glass

In the advanced market you may get numerous kinds of glasses to protect your eyes. You can use a good quality glass to prevent the eye strain when using a computer on a regular basis. These eye protecting glasses can prevent your eyes from the ill-effect of the bright lights of the computer screen in a scientific way.

8. Take Breaks

You should not be in front of the computer screen for long hours. You need to take at least two 15 minutes breaks in the working hour. This rest on your eyes can give you a better result in reducing the eye strain. You can keep your eyes closed for these 15 minutes to get a better result.

9. Natural Remedies

You can use some home remedies to keep your eyes strain free when you are resting. You can keep two cucumber pieces or cold tea bags on your closed eyes for 20 minutes when you are lying on the bed. This can keep your eyes stress free and can give a comfort by minimizing the pain due to eye strain.

10. Proper Check Up

If you are a regular computer user, then you need to check your eye condition on time. You should check the condition of your eyes and take the advice of the eye specialist who can suggest you to get an eye strain relief drops or an artificial tear drop to keep your eyes moisten according to the condition.

These ten tips can keep your eyes properly functioning and away from the eye strain or vision syndrome when using the computer for long hours regularly.